De La Guarda

De La Guarda

  • Opening Date: June 16, 1998  

In this non-traditional theatre experience, the audience is bombarded with a sensory adventure as they are moved about the space. 

Aerial choreography is accompanied by primitive drums, multicolored lights, ambient music, water and dancing.

"The show has its share of both visual and visceral intoxicants… and is certainly wowing the crowd of mostly twentysomethings assembling for it saudio-visual assault." - Variety
  • » Title: De La Guarda
  • » Daryl Roth Theatre
    101 East 15th Street
    (Between Union Square East and Irving Place)
  • » Book by: Pichon Baldinu, Digui James
  • » Music by: Gabriel Kerpel
  • » Directed By: Pichon Baldinu, Digui James
  • » Costume: Cecilia Alassia
  • » Lighting: Charles Trigueros
  • » Stage Manager: Tomas James
  • Original Cast: Valeria Alonso, Pichon Baldinu, Gabriella Barberio, Martin Bauer, Mayra Bonard, Carlos Casella, Fabio D'Aquila, Julieta Dentone, Rafael Ferro, Ana Frenkel, Alejandro Garcia, Diqui James, Tomas James, Gabriel Kerpel, Maria Ucedo
  • Opening Date: June 16, 1998
  • Closing Date: September 12, 2004
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