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My Dog

MY DOG: AN UNCONDITIONAL LOVE STORY is a documentary film that explores the unique relationship between humans and their beloved pets through candid interviews with notable dog lovers.

Viewers are offered an intimate glimpse into the lives of these actors and musicians, authors and designers through the aspect of their lives that unites them all: the profound connection they have with their dogs.  A tribute to all the dogs that have made our lives richer and happier, MY DOG is a moving and light-hearted entertainment that captures the remarkable bond between our dogs and ourselves. In appreciation, 20% of every dollar earned by the film will be donated to nonprofit animal welfare charities designated by our participants.


  • » Title: My Dog
  • » Produced by: Daryl Roth and Mark St. Germain
  • » Directed By: Mark St. Germain
  • » Music by: Bummer and Lazarus
  • » Editor: Steve Heffner
  • » Director of Photography: Felix Andrew
  • » Associate Producer: Xan Parker
  • » Supervising Producer: Alexander Fraser
  • » Website
  • Original Cast: Cindy Adams, Edward Albee, Amy Attas, Richard Belzer, Glenn Close, Billy Collins, Misha Dichter, Edie Falco, Richard Gere, Lasse Hallstrom, Carey Lowell, Greg Lougannis, Nellie McKay, Chris Meloni, Isaac Mizrahi, Lynn Redgrave, Daryl Roth, Didi Conn, Danny & David Shire, Diana Taylor, Livingston Taylor
Lynn Redgrave
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